My name is Morgan Byers, and I am a passionate storyteller. Music is my medium of expression.  
I work with many types of music in order to produce the absolute best product to accompany your media. I especially enjoy blending the classic Hollywood-orchestra sound with synth and world elements, when called for.
I have a great ear, knowledge of audio engineering as well as composition, and am easy to get along with as well as extremely dedicated and hard working. 
While I always prefer to work with live musicians, I have a vast collection of orchestral, world, and synth sample libraries to deliver ANY sound to your project.  

-Cellist on Robert Bannon's upcoming "Unfinished Business" Album

-Cellist on the score for the film "How To End A Conversation" 

-Attended the 2019 Hollywood Music Workshop in Austria where I studied under composer Joe Kraemer (Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation; Jack Reacher)

-Scored the short film "Our Sunday Spot" while working closely with the director to bring his vision to life. 

-Collaborations and connections with well- respected NY and LA musicians 

-Recording studio intern

-Transcribed 9 songs from piano score to a 7- part acapella medley arrangement 

-Entered a video with my score in the Berlin International Film Scoring Competition 

-Produced a classical/new age album for a client (including composing and performing instrumental backing tracks) 

-Arranged, recorded, mixed, and mastered many songs for clients 
* (Full resume/credits available upon request)