Film Composer

- Film Scoring/Composition

- Cellist/keyboardist

- Remote Recording

- Arranging

- Orchestration/Music Prep 

- Mixing/mastering

"Morgan Byers is an incredibly talented musician who has the skills to help with all of your musical projects...He is very skilled at mixing and mastering and is great with meeting deadlines no matter how complicated the project. Best of all he is easy to work with and really strives to create the perfect sound you are looking for. All together 10 out of 10."  -Avonmora, Singer/YouTuber
A dramatic production track featuring bombastic orchestral elements, otherworldly pulsing synths, pounding drums, and a lifetime supply of exotic ethnic vocals/percussion. 
Fast Cars & Huge Robots
Massive drums, orchestras, and choirs...oh my! A fast-paced action cue with everything turned up to 100. Beneath the pounding percussion, driving strings, and racing synths is a sense of doom that is held by the angry brass and the hellish choir. 
© 2018 Morgan Byers